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We help our clients in selecting the best packaging options and their sources which would be suitable for their product. Additionally we provide the following services,

  • Technical advice & information on all Packaging Materials

  • Packaging development for all kind of sectors like Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Food Chain and Restaurants, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Pipes & Fittings,                        Agriculture, Automobiles, Apparels/Garments, Home Furnishings, Handicrafts, Veterinary products,Paints and Adhesives, E-commerce, Retail and Consumer Goods etc.

  • Quality improvement, Package Designing , Artwork Development, Package Restructuring

  • Vendor Auditing, Evaluation and Customer Audit preparation

  • Packaging Material sourcing.

  • Specification and Test Method Development for Packaging Materials.

  • Packaging quality control laboratory set up . Imparting training for simple but critical testing of packaging & test method development.

  • Resolving customer complaints in Packaging

  • Bench Marking, Validation and Alternate Package Restructuring & Cost Effective packaging solutions

  • New Mold design and Development

  • Container Designing and Artwork Development

  • Packaging Documentation

  • Technical Presentations in Seminars, Visiting faculty across Institutions Delivering  packaging training sessions

  • Conducting Market Surveys, Trend Analysis, Preparing Study Reports,  Insights covering Packaging.

We serve our clients as per their requirement...Project to Project basis or on monthly retainer-ship contract (few days in a week/month) or we can also offer customized                                Packaging services as per the requirement of clients….Please Contact Us !!!!!!!

We believe in genuine pricing for our services, hence we try to keep our charges economical as compared to market standards  (depending on project requirements).

You may contact us for your requirement and we would submit our quote.

Note - We are neither manufacturers not traders and do not supply any packaging materials. However we can assist our client's to suggest suppliers as per their requirements.

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